Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Paul Krugman Unearths Tweet That Shows How Republicans View a Typical American Family

Yep, That's a Middle Income Working Family All Right

Paul Krugman's column in the NYT exposes the fantasy world of Republicans, where only high income high wealth white Americans live.

Consider, in particular, the tweet John Cornyn put out about how the tax bill will help what he apparently imagines is an ordinary family:


Yep just a typical American Apple Pie family, with $100k of income, two business they generate 40% of their income from.

But what happens when you take away the business income? Oh, you get a real typical American family. And what do they get? About a couple of $100 until their kids turn 17. And then they lose the child credits and their taxes go up, way up, more than what they were paying before.

That's life, that's Republicanism.

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