Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Israeli Treatment of Women Journalist Embarrasses That Nation and the Jewish People

Ultra Orthodox No Different Than Militant Islamic Clerics

It is disgusting that while the Vice President is in Israel sucking up to the Israeli government the women journalists accompanying him are being treated like crap.

First of all there was this.

At Netanyahu’s office on Monday morning, a visiting female journalist from Finland’s state television was asked to remove her bra during an overly zealous and demeaning security check. When she refused, she was prevented from covering Pence's news conference with Netanyahu.

But the main insult was the segregation of women at the Wailing Wall.

Tal Schneider, a prominent Israeli journalist, tweeted: “Separation at the Western Wall. The women stuck in isolation and can not photograph, work. Women journalists are second-class citizens. The American women photographers are frantically yelling at the representatives of the White House.

That the White House had no problem with this says it all about the Trump folks and women. But this does tremendous damage to the Jewish people. Israeli once was a leader in equal rights. It had a female Prime Minister long before the United States had a woman as head of state (well actually the U. S. has never had a woman head of state). But the country is in the grip of the Ultra Orthodox who consider women second, or maybe third class citizens.

This has to stop, and the Presidency has to be the place that leads the opposition not that acts in complicity.

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