Monday, January 15, 2018

Cowardly Republicans Take to Sunday Airways

Dems, as Usual, No Where to be Seen

On Meet the Press Chuck Todd got good ole boy Rand Paul (R, Ky) on to talk about what is wrong with the Racist-in-Chief.  Paul of course defended the President, like any other good Republican who has national ambitions.  Paul of course would like to be President and take health care away from every low income family, a noble goal that fits in well with Trumpie's morals.

On Face the Nation Sen. Tom Cotton (R, Ak) was center stage.  Cotton of course is famous for 'hear no evil' as long as it  is a Republican.  Senator Cory Gardner (R, Co) is then on to just dismiss things, because, you know, he wants to stay in the Senate.

Dems, you don't deserve to be a party, you don't deserve to be elected and you don't deserve to be in public life if you cannot go on TV and denounce evil.

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