Monday, January 22, 2018

Two Faced Mitt Romney to Run for Senate as Friend and Foe of Trump

And Other Genuine Fake News

  1. It is expected that former Massachusetts Gov. now part time resident of the state of Utah Mitt Romney will run for the Senate. Mitt did not say this when asked about his support of Trump. “Everyone knows how I feel, I love Donnie and will support him when it is politically advisable to do so, but he is not qualified to be President of anything and I will oppose him when it is politically advisable to do so, and there will be occasions when I do both. How? Come on people, don't you know me after all these years?”

  1. After denying that Trumpie said 'shithole' Senator Perdue of Georgia is so pleased with himself he is going on the Professional Liars Tour.

  1. Trump lawyers deny that they paid a Vegas woman $130,000 to shut her up. They expect to announce that Trump just paid the money out of concern for her student loans.

  1. Sarah Sanders, the Press Secretary is loudly claiming that Trump didn't say what he said is on the tape with the WSJ. She cited the well know liberal bias of tape recorders and argued that when she says something it is true regardless of what you may hear.

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