Monday, January 15, 2018

Hey Missouri Governor – Quit Threatening Lawsuit

We know you're not going to, so quit making a fool of yourself

Missouri Gov. Greithens has joined good ole boy Roy Moore and their leader, Slick Donnie in threatening lawsuits against women who accuse them of sexual assault. Greithens is accused to doing bad things to a woman who is not his wife.

The frenzy in Jefferson City was triggered Wednesday night by a story on St. Louis television station KMOV (Channel 4). It quoted a man who provided a recording of his then-wife telling him that Greitens partially undressed her, taped her to exercise equipment, took her photo and then threatened to release the photo if she ever told anyone about the encounter.
You’re never going to mention my name,” Greitens told the woman, according to her account on the recording. “Otherwise, this picture will be everywhere.”
Greitens in a cowardly move spoke through his attorney.

Greitens on Wednesday night confessed to having an affair, but denied through his lawyer that he took a photo, threatened the woman with releasing it or was ever violent with her.
Greitens’ attorney, James Bennett of the St. Louis firm of Dowd Bennett, said his client is considering a lawsuit in response to the stunning accusations. 
These threats of lawsuits are rediculous. No one is going to sue because no one is willing to go under oath. No one wants a public trial, least of how bullies like Trump, Moore and now Greitens. So they ought to quit making themselves out to be fools in additions to sexual predators.

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