Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Reviews Are In - Fake News on the State of the Union

Here's What Prominent People Said

"I crossed the Delaware just to hear it"  - G. Washington (quoted by P. Ryan)

"I can't believe I fought to get women the right to vote for this idiot" - S. B. Anthony

"Makes my Gettysburg Address sound like the Oscar Meyer weiner jingle" - A Lincoln (quoted by D. Trump)

"I have a nightmare" - M. L. King, Jr.

"I would have put the entire speech in Hamlet" - W. Shakespeare (quoted by M. Pence)

"And they call me the King of Lies, I have to move over, there's a new King" - Satan

"That's not the way it is" - W. Conkite

"Donnie, make an appointment for a session on my counch" - S. Freud

"I would sexually harass this man after hearing this, and I am not even gay" - H. Weinstein

"Ich bein nein eine Trumper" - J. Kennedy

"# @ % & # + =" - R. Pryor

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