Friday, January 12, 2018

10 Explanations of Trumper's Shithole Comment

What Might Have Happened - Make Your Pick

1. He is confused these days and mixed up his feelings on some countries with Melania's pet name for him.

2.  This is what he thinks the White House will look like after his family leaves.

3.  They have been trying out a new name for Trump branded hotels.

4.  He is confused and thought they were talking about Fox News.

5.  This is what parts of the nation will look like after the removal of environmental regulations.

6.  It's where he thinks poor people go to the bathroom.

7.  It's what historians have told him will be the one world that describes his Presidency.

8.  Trump is trying out an idea to replace the nickname 'Crooked Hillary' with something even worse but 'Shithole Hilary' just doesn't work for him.

9.  He is taking speech making lessons to coarsen his language.

10.  He is a bigoted, racist fool.

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