Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trumpie Exhausted by the Work of the Presidency After Only Three Days

Wow, think what would happen if he had to do an actual week’s work!

The explanation as to why the Orangeman masquerading as President used the term Islamic Extremism as opposed to the term he was supposed to say, Islamist Extremism is this.

On Sunday night, a senior White House official said Trump's decision to say "Islamic extremism" instead of "Islamist extremism" as written in his prepared remarks was not intentional but the product of exhaustion brought on by the rigorous travel schedule.

"Just an exhausted guy," the senior White House official said.

Wow, everybody does know all he did was fly over to the Saudi’s in the comfort of a luxurious 747.  What a weakling.

As for the misspoken phrase, it may be looked upon by radicals recruiting for terrorism as an insult to Islam.  Of course, the famous hater of Islam, Donald J. Trump may have meant it that way.

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