Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Before Trump Starts a Terrific War with North Korea Maybe He Ought to Look At These Huge Foreign Policy Disasters by the United States

Learning From History Donnie?  Any chance?

In the post WWII era the United States has made mistake after mistake in foreign policy, resulting in huge loss of life, terrible destruction and trillions in wasted funding.  Here are just a few of the highlights.

1.      Deposed the lawfully elected government of Iran in the 1950’s to protect oil.  The U. S. installed the Shah, a brutal dictator and when Iran rebelled it remembered who did it to them.  Relations with Iran are what they are today because of this.

2.      The Vietnam War.  The U. S. believed in  the world wide communist conspiracy that would mean world wide communist domination if North Vietnam took over South Vietnam.  After a fruitless, meaningless, unnecessary war North Vietnam did just that.  Cuba and North Korea and some other small nations are what is left of communism, a doctrine that was going to fail on its own.

3.      Supported an evil, cruel dictator, Batista in Cuba.  Then put in place an economic blockade of Cuba, pushing it into a Soviet pawn.  After 50 years of foreign policy failure the Castro regime still stands.  The current thaw may well be frozen by Trump actions in the future.

4.      Refused to become involved in the Balkans until the death and destruction and torture and cruelty was so great that it demanded action.

5.      Invaded Iraq under the pretense that it had weapons of mass destruction.

6.      Supported the Taliban in their fight against Russia in Afghanistan.  This results in giving them weapons which to this day are probably being used against American troops, and of course led to the planning of the September 11 attack.  The worse thing we could have done to Russia was let them stay in their losing occupation of Afghanistan.

7.      Thought we could nation-build in Iraq.  The nation is now in tatters and a large part of it is controlled by Iran.

8.      Did little and nothing to stabilize the situation in Libya.

So Donnie before you are convinced that going to war against North Korea is the best policy take a look at other U. S. actions that were considered absolutely correct at the time and see how they turned out.  Not very good were they.  And don't talk Jared and Ivanka, they know less than you do, assuming that is possible.

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