Sunday, May 21, 2017

Listen Up People – An Open Letter to Republicans and Trump Voters

Do You Still Have No Idea What You Did?

You voted for this man.  You wanted him in office.  So let’s reflect on that.

  1. How many campaign promises does he have to renege on before you get the picture.  Remember naming China a Currency Manipulator on Day 1?  Gone.  Remember ending the Iranian deal?  Just certified it.  Remember moving the U. S. Embassy to Jerusalem? Not gonna happen.  Remember not cutting Medicaid?  Fraid so, almost $1 trillion.  Remember all that other stuff?  Do you realize you have been hoodwinked?  What more will it take.?

  1. Coal Miners.  Look we are sorry about you lost jobs but the product you produce pollutes the ground, water and air.  We need to stop mining and burning coal.  Regardless of what Trump does those of you who lost your jobs are not going to get them back and those of you who have jobs in coal mining, you are going to lose them.  Democrats would have helped you transition.  Republicans are just going to cut funding for economic development and stop mine safety programs.  Open your eyes.

  1. The party of family values?  Republicans and other voters who espouse traditional mores have put in office the most immoral man ever to enter the White House.  You want us to respect your values, start acting like you have some.

  1. National Security?  Everyone who supported Trump said that if you voted for Hilary Clinton the person in the Oval Office would be leaking classified info to the Russians.  Want to think about that for a while?

  1. Leadership and honesty in this President?  Really, do you even have to think about that?

  1. Respect to others and institutions is not something this President has.  You people seemed awfully upset when you were called the ‘deplorables’.  So how do you feel about a flawed but dedicated public servant like James Comey being called a nut job and crazy?

Look, the point is the actions you would have found totally intolerable in a Democrat you are now not just accepting but embracing in your guy.  Stop it.  Get some principles before it is too late.

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