Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Secretary of State and Foreign Policy Complete Amateur Rex Tillerson Gives Russia the Go Ahead to Take Crimea

Learning on the Job He Ain’t

When former Esso Chairman Rex Tillerson became Secretary of State everyone wondered how a person with absolutely no foreign policy experience would do.  Now we have the answer.  He is making a huge number of mistakes which are extremely costly in lives and credibility.

Now Tillerson has stupidly made the comment that essentially America does not care about the Russian take over of Crimea.  This follows his stupid comments that Assad could stay in Syria, now followed by his comments that Assad would be leaving, even though there is no plan or idea of how to do this.  Nobody believes the Secretary of State, and the best thing he could do for the nation is to leave and give the President the opportunity to actually put a really qualified person in the post.  

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