Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pres Explains Why He Did Not Act on Pres. Obama’s Advice to Not Name Flynn NSA –

“I only listen to rich white guys” Trump Did Not Say

And other snarky false news.

  1. It has been reported that right after he was elected Trump was told by outgoing Pres. Obama that he should not name Michael Flynn his National Security Adviser.  Trump may have disregarded that advice because Obama was not a billionaire, was not white and thus was not someone who could be trusted.  “Who ever head of a black guy in the White House who was not a butler” Trump did not say.

  1. All 217 Republicans that voted for the Tax Cut for the Wealthy disguised as a health care bill were asked to appear on MSNBC Joy Reid show.  All 217  refused.  Meanwhile former Pres. Obama was receiving a Profiles in Courage Award.  Draw your own conclusions.

  1. Gen. Michael Flynn is famous for leading the cheers ‘Lock her up’ at the Republican convention.  Boy did he piss off the gods of irony.

  1. Coming attractions.  In the fall Republicans will need to raise the debt ceiling.  The vote will be followed by a celebration at the White House where instead of Bud Light a nice dish of crow will be served.

  1. Another Trump nominee to be Secretary of the Army has withdrawn citing criticism of him by outside groups that promote equality.  But it wasn’t fair because they used his own words against him.

  1. In France a dynamic young politician won the Presidency.  Democrats were wondering if there is a lesson here while they considered whether or not Sen. Sanders should be a party leader.

  1. The Democrats have already won in the special election in Georgia.  Just the fact that they race is competitive is  win for the Dems.  If they were to actually win the seat expect the Profiles In Cowardice Republicans to run for the hills.

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