Monday, May 8, 2017

President Bigot Signs Statement Questioning Ability of Feds to Help Historical Black Colleges and Universities

Probably Needs the Money for Tax Cuts for Billionaires

From the WaPo we have a story that slipped under the radar.  The Trumpie signed a statement in which he did this.

. . . . the White House released a signing statement connected to the recently approved federal funding measure. Tucked away in the last paragraph, the White House announced that it would treat a program that helps HBCUs get low-cost construction loans “in a manner consistent with the (Constitutional) requirement to afford equal protection of the laws.”

People in higher education circles worried that the statement meant that the president was planning to get rid of a capital financing program that helps historically black colleges repair, renovate and build new facilities. Congress approved the program in 1992 after finding that “HBCUs often face significant challenges in accessing traditional funding resources at reasonable rates,” according to the Education Department.

The best reaction here is from a Penn professor.

“I would rather have Trump do nothing with HBCUs — not even know they exist,” Marybeth Gasman, a University of Pennsylvania professor who has researched HBCU history, told The Washington Post. “He will see them as a handout. He doesn’t understand that he was given a leg up by his rich father. He doesn’t see that other people need help from programs because of past discrimination and inequity.”

But wait a minute, didn’t Trumper meet with the folks from those colleges and universities?  Oh, right.

In February, President Trump invited leaders from historically black colleges and universities to the White House, a move they hoped signaled his support for the institutions and showed an effort to give them more clout in his administration. But critics had a more cynical description of the Oval Office meeting: a photo op.

Yep, photo op for sure.  And it is not true that Beauregard “too bigoted to be a federal judge” Sessions, the new AG said “that will teach them to stay in their place”.

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