Friday, May 12, 2017

Reporter Arrested for Asking Questions of HHS Secretary

Conservatives on Freedom of Press – Deadly Silence

In West Virginia a reporter had the nerve, the nerve to ask the Secretary of Health and Human Services a question about health care.  Here’s what happened.

As Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price walked through a hallway Tuesday in the West Virginia State Capitol, veteran reporter Dan Heyman followed alongside him, holding up his phone to Price while attempting to ask him a question.
Heyman, a journalist with Public News Service, repeatedly asked the secretary whether domestic violence would be considered a preexisting condition under the Republican bill to overhaul the nation’s health care system, he said.
“He didn’t say anything,” Heyman said later in a news conference. “So I persisted.”
Then, an officer in the Capitol pulled him aside, handcuffed him and arrested him. Heyman was jailed on the charge of “Willful Disruption of State Government Processes” and was released later on $5,000 bail.

Just another Constitutional provision being ground under by the Trumpies.  Now we know why Trump adores Putin.  Putin arrests and kills journalists.  Trump ain't there on the killing, yet.

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