Monday, May 29, 2017

Trump is the Enemy of His Supporters – When Will His Supporters Learn

Probably Never – Is Never a Good Answer

No one was more supportive of Trumpie than the coal miner who thought Trumpster would bring coal back.  And he promised.  Now his budget reveals him as a charlatan and a liar.

 (Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump promised his administration would bring about “clean coal,” but his budget proposed slashing research the industry says it needs to make that a reality.

The Energy Department has spent more than $200 million a year on research into ways to capture and store the carbon dioxide emitted when coal is burned to make electricity. Under Trump’s proposal released Tuesday that would be cut to $31 million, an 85 percent reduction.

So how many of you think this will cause the coal voters to turn against Trump?  No one huh.  Right, They like what he says, don’t pay attention to what he does.

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