Saturday, May 20, 2017

No Longer a Question of "If" - It is Now "When" Trump Will Resign

Cut and Run - It's What Bullies and Cowards Do

The latest revelations make it almost certain the Donald Trump will not finish his Presidency.  The only thing he has left is the support of the Republican Party and its leadership.  That support will soon crumble.  It may be weeks, it may be years but ultimately Trump will have to go.

During the campaign it was revealed that one business practice of Trump was to stiff sub-contractors, the ones too small to have the financial and legal resources to fight back. But now Trump is up against the Department of Justice, which has essentially unlimited financial and legal resources.  DOJ must despise him for among other things, installing a bigoted man as AG, for firing all of the U. S. attorneys and not bothering to find replacements, for attacking the former FBI head on a personal basis and for demonstrating contempt for the rule of law.

Trump learns slowly but he does learn.  Once it dawns upon him what is arrayed against him he will go, he will turn tail and run, he will skedaddle out of there.  The only question is when.

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