Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tiger Woods Challenged The Fates of Golf

The Fates Won

To whom much is given much is expected.  Tiger Woods was given great golfing skills.  As a result he could become a millionaire many times over by playing golf, a game the rest of us pay to play.  His iconic looks inspired many people.  He had the perfect world.

But for Woods, playing golf for a living, a very good living was not something he understood.  He thought he was doing the rest of us a favor by letting us watch him.  The reality was the opposite.  He thought he was a god and could do anything in his personal life, including cheating on his wife and family.  And so his personal behavior destroyed his family, and destroyed his career.

Now he has been arrested for DUI.  This is The Fates repaying Mr. Woods for squandering his life.  Yes he will remain tremendously wealthy.  But his legacy is not one of a gracious athlete, a man who inspired.  His legacy is one of failure as a person.

Do not go against The Fates.  Do not, they will prevail, not you.

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