Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memo to Donnie: The Europeans Are Our Friends and Allies; the Saudi’s Are Not


What are we to make of the strange events of the past 10 days where President Trumpie bowed and scraped and acted the arms merchant to the princes of Saudi Arabia and then made every effort to demean and denigrate the Europeans?  Maybe Trump just doesn’t understand who is what?  So here for Donnie is a guide.

  1. The Europeans have a democracy;  Saudi Arabia is ruled by a royal family whose only claim to power is that they are a royal family (and they have all the guns and tanks).

  1. In Europe the accused get a fair trial. In Saudi Arabia they get body parts chopped off.

  1. Women are considered equals in Europe;  In Saudi Arabia they are not allowed to drive.

  1. Europe is currently fighting against anti-Semitic thugs;  Saudi Arabia finances them and teaches its children to hate and despise the Jewish people.

  1. Europe fights and condemns terrorism;  the Saudi’s support terrorism.

  1. Saudi Arabia is head of OPEC, you know, the people trying to damage our economy with high gasoline and oil prices.

Do you get it now Donald?  Do You?  If not, get the hell out of the White House.

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