Friday, May 26, 2017

Trump to Gulf States Louisiana Mississippi and Others Who Supported Him – Screw You to the Tune of $3.5 Billion

That Will Teach You to Trust Him

The southern states, or at least the white folks in the southern states voted overwhelming for Donnie.  Now he repays them in his proposed 2018 budget.

According to summary tables provided to reporters by the White House Office of Management and Budget during an embargoed news conference on Monday, the Trump administration expects the repeal to save $272 million in 2018 by rescinding the sharing of about 35 percent of Gulf offshore revenue with Louisiana and other Gulf states. The money lost to Gulf states would total $3.56 billion through fiscal year 2027, according to the summary tables

Of course this is on top of all of the other ways in which the proposed budget takes it out on the poorer Gulf of Mexico states.  Yes they lose billions in Medicaid, nutrition assistance and the other things that keep their low income population from becoming hungry and destitute.

But not to worry.  This will free up a lot of money for tax cuts for the wealthiest of the citizens of those states.  

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