Wednesday, May 17, 2017

EPA Purges Real Scientists from Advisory Panel

So Here’s Who Might Replace Them

Since science, facts and data are the enemies of conservative positions on climate change and pollution the new head of the EPA is getting rid of a bunch of them who advise the EPA using, you know, real stuff.

“Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has chosen to replace half of the members on one of its key scientific review boards, the first step in a broader effort by Republicans to change the way the agency evaluates the scientific basis for its regulations.

The move could significantly change the makeup of the 18-member Board of Scientific Counselors, which advises EPA’s key scientific arm on whether the research it does has sufficient rigor and integrity. All of the members being dismissed were at the end of serving at least one three-year term, although these terms are often renewed instead of terminated.”

Under consideration for serving as scientific advisers are the following.

Susie Ann Sechov – A graduate of Liberty University she advocates a hands off approach to air pollution since there is nothing in the Bible that states air pollution ever harmed anyone.  She is in favor of regulations that would prevent frogs raining down from the heavens.

Larry Larchmont – A self educated high school dropout and former drug dealer who found Jesus late in life, he is not worried about any damage from pollution because as he said “ God promised Noah he would not again destroy the earth”.

Robert “Bob the Crusader’ Alton – A member of the Idaho Patriots Militia whose experience in destruction of the environment  is grazing cattle on public lands without paying anything.  He has stated that companies should be encouraged to generate more carbon dioxide because it helps plants grow.

Major Armstrong Collins (Ret) – A former army officer involved in nuclear weapons he has written several books on how radiation is good for young people.

Ivanka Trump – According to her resume she is one of the most experienced climate scientists in the nation and would be in charge of designing clothing appropriate for global warming.

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