Wednesday, May 10, 2017

NJ Gov. Chris Christie to Slither Out of Office

Off to Make Money Off of 
Public Service 

The least liked Governor in the country is Republican Chris Christie of New Jersey.  In a wide ranging interview with the NYT he illustrates why that is the situation.

See a reporter asked a perfectly legitimate question about a former aide engulfed in scandal.  Here’s what happened.

But he saved his harshest words for perhaps his most hated adversary: the media. In a news conference in Whippany, Mr. Christie took exception to a question from a reporter from The Star-Ledger of Newark regarding Mr. Samson.
“People like you are stupid enough to go and cover it,” he snarled in response to a question about Mr. Samson. “Just because you’re dumb enough to cover it doesn’t mean I’m going to be just as stupid and answer a question about it.”

The moment was vintage Christie, but it did not ricochet around social media or splash across cable news shows. The remark dissipated into the silence of the room.
The governor briefly looked down at the lectern, glanced to the back of the room, and took the next question.

The governor is busy building his legacy fighting opioid addiction, or not.

“Might I be involved in media? Sure. I enjoy that,” he said. (He had just finished three hours as a co-host of a sports radio talk show.)

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