Friday, May 26, 2017

Gen. H. R. McMaster – Another Supposedly Honest and Decent Man Who is Corrupted by Trump

Can’t We Find At Least One Person of Integrity Here?

Everyone applauded when Trump brought in Gen. McMaster to succeed soon to be convicted felon Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor.  Everyone thought this man had integrity.  Appears not to be the case.

Gen. McMaster was in the meeting Trumpie held with his Russian pals and in which he apparently called former FBI head James Comey a nutcase and crazy.  When asked about that McMaster said this.

"I don't remember exactly what the president said, and the notes ... I do not think are a direct transcript," McMaster said when asked about the comment.

Really, that’s the best you can do?  I don’t remember?  Yes McMaster is an improvement over “lock him up Flynn”, but then anyone would be.  Maybe next time though they can get somebody who doesn’t have a convenient memory, the kind that forgets uncomfortable and inconvenient conversations.

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