Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Senator Lindsey Graham (R, SC) Wants U. S. Troops to Invade Syria

Ok Sen. Graham, You Go First – Pick Up Your Assault Rifle at Any Gun Store

As reports that Syria is using chemical weapons against its people become the news of the day, the question of what, if anything the U. S. should do is now a major topic.  And of course the men who erroneously urged U. S. involvement in Iraq are back full force arguing for U. S. intervention in Syria.

Sens. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) used appearances on the Sunday news shows to push for an intervention in Syria now that the government of President Bashar al-Assad is believed to have used chemical weapons on a small scale. But the lawmakers differ on some of the particulars.

Syria is “going to become a failed state by the end of the year” if we don’t intervene, Graham said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” He warned that “we’re going to start a war with Iran because Iran’s going to take our inaction in Syria as meaning we’re not serious about their nuclear weapons program…. The whole region is going to fall into chaos.”

That’s right, if the U. S. does not invade Syria the whole region will fall into chaos.  Of course, chaos is exactly what would happen if the U. S. did invade Syria, along with massive loss of life, horrendous damage and a destruction of the fiscal situation in this country.  Here’s what is happening now from our last invasion in the Middle East.

New York Times

Clashes in Iraq Carry Worries of a New Civil War


Published: April 28, 2013

Senator McCain is somewhat more restrained,

“The American people are weary. They don’t want boots on the ground. I don’t want boots on the ground,” McCain said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “The worst thing the United States could do right now is put boots on the ground in Syria” because it would turn public opinion in the country against us, he said.

But want to support the opposition in Syria.

But, McCain argued, the United States should be arming the rebels, using airstrikes to attack Assad’s forces and create a safe haven for refugees.

And “an international force” must be prepared to “secure those stocks of chemical weapons” should Assad fall, McCain said.

Leaving everyone to wonder just what universe Sen. McCain lives in.  The opposition in Syria is composed of radical Islamists, people who hate and despise the U. S. and who will eventually use any support we give them against us.  (see Ahghanistan, Taliban).  And an international force would be nice, except for the fact that no nation, not a single one has volunteered to be part of that force.

The American people might be fooled again, because 'military involvement' sounds a lot more benign than "let's get a lot of American soldiers killed and wounded and create another terrorist state'.


The President has created a problem for himself by promising unknown action in Syria.  So one can conclude that Republicans and Democrats alike compose a Ship of Fools here. Doing nothing in Syria is terrrible policy.  Doing anything else is worse than that.

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