Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mitt Romney to Build Yet Another Home – Because When You Are the Top 1% Three or Four are Just Not Enough

Even With the Obama Incompetence Program in Full Force Does Anyone Wish Mr. Romney Was in the White House?

As the catalogue of incompetence and insensitivity to basic rights and utter disregard for politics grows larger for the Obama Administration, here is a little break in the action that is sure to generate a few laughs.

Mitt Romney to live in Utah — at least some of the time

Go Mitt Go (Actually just go)

Yes Mr. Romney is building another house, because unlike billionaires with a more progressive outlook who want to do things like end malaria, or improve education or other kind of worthless causes, Mr. Romney wants to own more houses.

Romney is building a new home in Holladay by the only one of his five sons who lives in Utah, Josh, and plans to live nearby while the house is being built, a source told the Deseret News Wednesday.

The two-time GOP presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor plans to split his time "pretty evenly" between Salt Lake City and his homes in San Diego and a resort community in New Hampshire, the source said.

He will also spend time in his Boston apartment, located at his son Tagg's home there. Romney is the chairman of the executive committee of Tagg Romney's Boston-based investment firm, Solamere Capital.

So now Mitt has a bunch of places where he can rail about how the 47% of Americans who live off people like Mitt are immoral and unwilling to vote for someone who has a lot more money than decency, compassion or even commons sense.  Gosh, what an amazing feat for someone who is being crushed by oppressive taxation.

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