Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Great Breaking News – Michele Bachmann Will Not Seek Re-Election to the House of Representatives

The Good Guys Have a Rare Win

Ms. Bachmann Now Free to Make Millions From Right Wing Groups

The dislike of almost everyone except hard line Conservatives for Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann does not stem from her conservative politics, but from her tactics.  Ms. Bachman in many cases just made stuff up in order to attack her opponents and support her positions. Her nastiness is legion.   Her brief run for the Presidency was an embarrassment even to Republicans.

Now comes the news that Ms. Bachmann, facing an FBI ethics investigation and a well financed, highly motivated opponent in the upcoming 2014 election has decided to quit.

With an early morning video message to supporters, embattled Republican U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann announced she would not run for re-election next year.

"My dear friends, after a great deal of thought and deliberation, I have decided next year that I will not seek a fifth congressional term to represent the wonderful people of the Sixth District of Minnesota," Bachmann said in the Wednesday morning video. "I've never considered holding public office to be an occupation."

The high-profile congresswoman had a narrow re-election last year and is under federal investigation for her 2012 presidential campaign. A recent poll found that a rematch with her 2012 Democratic challenger, Jim Graves, was a dead heat. 

In a polished video message, which included her personal list of what she believes she accomplished during her eight years in Washington, she said supporters could "rest assured" that neither of those challenges influenced her decisions.

The future for Ms. Bachmann is certainly one of making a huge amount of money by appearing on Fox News and by giving speeches around the countries to well financed conservative groups and organizations.  Initially the media will report these speeches, which will have to have increasingly inflammatory and inaccurate rhetoric, but soon afterwards Ms. Bachmann will simply fade away and become largely irrelevant.  Sort of like that other person of similar characteristics, uh, what was her name, Sally or Susan or Sarah something.

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