Monday, May 20, 2013

Exhibit A on Why American Business Management is Lacking

How Long For Burger King to Copy the McRib Sandwich?

Anyone, which is to say everyone who has contact with any major American business or governmental institution comes away with the feeling that most of these organizations are run by  idiots.  How else to explain the experience of flying on an U. S. carrier, or of trying to get a driver’s license renewed, or the filing of an insurance claim.

If anyone needs any more evidence, here is the story of what Burger King is going to offer the American palate this summer.

burger king rib sandwich

Burger King on Thursday will unveil its 2013 summer menu plans, highlighted by a new, limited-time BK Rib Sandwich, which is boneless like McRib — has a tangy sauce and comes with sweet bread and butter pickles. It will be sold nationally beginning May 21.

Ok, we all know that the only thing ‘Rib’ like in these sandwiches is the name.  These are essentially ground pork, spices and some sickening sweet sauce, with pickle and onion on a roll.

 Not the work of genius.

But here is the really amazing part of the story.

The rib sandwich, which has been 10 months in the making . . .

Really, ten months to devise a sandwich that is only a copy of another sandwich.  What were those people doing for ten months?  Here are some guesses

Developed a research team to decide if the pickles should go on the top or bottom.

Had to settle argument over whether to use real pork or ‘pork like product.

Examined 172 different pork ribs to get the pressed rib shape right.

Needed the CEO to nix the proposed name of ‘McRipOff’ Sandwich.

Had to reformulate sauce when 16 people in marketing test instantly got
Type 2 Diabetes after eating one sandwich.

Were going to use Porky Pig as the spokesperson for the sandwich until someone noticed that Porky Pig was the sandwich.

Well, you can see the problems that caused the delay.

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