Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tragic Shooting of 2 Year Old in Kentucky Reveals Information About the Gun Business in America

Putting Children at Risk and Making a Nice Buck

In Kentucky an accidental shooting by a five year old resulted in the death of his two year old sister.  The horror and sadness of this is so great that it does not need, does not warrant and will not have a comment on the shooting by this Forum.  The news report linked above speaks for itself.  It is a harrowing read.

But one thing from the news report does require a special mention.  This is about the gun.

                             a gun marketed for children as “My First Rifle” 

A gun marketed for children???  Yes, there is a company that specializes in that.

The county coroner, Gary White, said Kristian’s gun, a .22-caliber single-shot Crickett rifle designed for children and sold in pink and blue, had been stored in a corner, and his parents did not realize it was loaded. . . .

After the shooting, the Crickett’s maker, Keystone Sporting Arms in Milton, Pa., deleted a Web page promoting it, but archived images show the company featured a “kids corner” with dozens of pictures of young children and their Cricketts at shooting ranges and out hunting.

The company, which specializes in children’s firearms, said that in 2008 it made 60,000 Cricketts and another model, the Chipmunk, and that it ranks as the country’s 10th largest manufacturer of long guns.

Wow, there are men and women in Milton, Pennsylvania who can do this, who can make their living from designing, manufacturing and selling guns made for children.  The mind doth boggle.

One imagines the people at this company on career day at school.

"Yes, I make guns for children, even five year olds.  Yes, occassionally children take our guns and shoot other children.  But remembers, guns don't kill people, five year old boys kill children.  Now, any of you kids want to own an assualt rifle, see me after school in the parking lot.  And bring your parents VISA card"

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