Monday, May 20, 2013

Yes, the Jackals Are Circling Mr. Obama – But It Wouldn’t Be So Bad If

He Had Not Invited Them

The glee in the writings of Conservatives over the travails of the Obama Administration are starting to overwhelm the media.  Here is the former Romney viaduct to the Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin.

The buck stops here, the fish rots from the head

And of course George Will can always be counted upon to gloat and pontificate

George F. Will
Opinion Writer

Obama’s tapped-out trust

By George F. Will, E-mail the writer

And the Wall Street Journal editorial pages are positively giddy, like pre-teens catching a glimpse of a music idol, (an appropriate methphor as they have the intellectually capacity of a pre-teen).

But the President’s critics are not limited to the right wing crazies.  His supporters are also disappointed, and many are furious.  And they have a right to both of those emotions.  The President appears to have learned absolutely no political skills in his first term, and his interest in the ways and means of government approaches the equivalent in political science of absolute zero in the physical sciences. 

And it’s not just that he does not have any interest in the management of the Federal government, he also appears to have no interest in appointing people who do.  And so the position here is okay Mr. Obama, this is your problem, you fix it.  Yeah, we know you will not face the voters, but your party will in less than two years, and you know, it would be nice to keep Ted Cruz from being a Committee Chairman.

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