Thursday, May 9, 2013

According the the WSJ, the NRA is Savoring Victory

And Here’s What Victory Means

The NRA has concluded its meetings,  and is celebrating the fact that they have succeeded in preventing even very modest gun regulation.

The Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street Journal

NRA Savors Victory, Girds for Battle Ahead


 What is their victory?  There is no ban an automatic assault weapons, there is no restriction on the size of magazines and equally important their victory means there are no background checks at gun shows to prevent criminals, the mentally ill and others who don’t have a right to have a gun from buying one.

Victory has a meaning.  For example, the victory of the North over the South in the Civil War meant an end to slavery.  Here’s what the NRA victory means.

  1. More children will be wounded and/or die from gun violence in their homes and schools.

  1. More Abused wives and girlfriends  will be shot and killed by their abusers because courts will have less ability to restrict those abusers’ access to firearms.

  1. The criminally insane will have greater access to assault weapons, which is just the item we all want the criminally insane to have.

  1. Accidental shootings will continue because of lack of regulation for gun safety.

  1. Citizens will be in greater harm, not less harm as wanton criminals continue to have easy access to weapons that maim and kill.

Well, there’s a whole bunch more, but all of us can see why the NRA is celebrating.  After all, the above is what they stand for and what they are, until an outrage so shocking changes things and stops them from getting their way.  The losers here, Americans who want to live in safety and freedom.

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  1. The real "victory" for the NRA is that political talk of increased gun regulation led to a spike in gun sales, and there was no legislation passed that could curtail gun sales. Since the NRA is basically a massive merchandising effort for the gun industry, this is the greatest victory they could achieve.

    As for NRA members who do not profit from gun sales, their "victory" is that they do not have to fear that an imaginary tyrannical government will take their guns away, or that an imaginary heavily-armed bogeyman will break into their houses into their houses while armed with a bigger gun magazine.