Monday, May 20, 2013

In North Carolina Republicans Race to the Bottom – The Bottom of the Trash Heap

Are They Playing a Game of “Be More Loathesome Than Other Person”?

This Forum has joined the national press in ridiculing North Carolina Republicans who have taken control of the state.  The Republicans want to limit damage from rising ocean levels by passing a low saying the oceans cannot rise above a certain level.  The want to introduce a state religion.  They want to take control from local government despite being in favor of giving control to local government.

Now a Republican has entered the contest for dumbest, most insensitive statement of the month, and is probably a finalist for dumbest, most insensitive statement of the year.  The context is that a state lawmaker was explaining why he was voting against regulation of 'puppy mills', regulation designed to insure that the animals were treated decently and humanely (obviously a ploy by international forces to take away American's freedom, freedom to abuse animals).

Quote of the Day

"''Daily exercise' - if I kick the dog across the room every day, is that considered daily exercise? Euthanasia performed humanely'- should I choose the ax or the baseball bat?"

-- North Carolina State Rep. Michael Speciale (R), quoted by 
, arguing that care requirements in a bill to curb puppy mills were too ambiguous.

Yep, going to be hard to top that one.

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