Sunday, May 26, 2013

This Forum is Sad to Report the Death of Wall Street Journal Columnist Peggy Noonan

Not Physical Death, Death as a Serious Political Commentator

Peggy Noonan is a former Ronald Reagan speech writer and uncritical advocate of the late actor/President and currently occupies the Saturday columnist spot for the Wall Street Journal.  Despite her background as a Reagan apologist, in past years some of her columns have shown some thought, some keen observations and most importantly, a willingness to look critically at both Republicans and Democrats, often with the soft touch of irony rather than the harsh rhetoric of a polemicist.

But sadly that Peggy Noonan has departed.  We don’t know if it was a natural death of her keen political insight, or a death mandated by the editors of the Wall Street Journal who are loathe to print any opinion except those that agree with their position that Democrats in general and Mr. Obama in particular are the devil incarnate.  But for whatever reason Ms. Noonan has now joined the mindless, thoughtless robots of all Obama criticism, all the time.

Ms. Noonan has currently worked herself into a spewing rage about the so-called abuses of the IRS and is now arguing that freedom loving Conservatives everywhere are being hounded by the government.  Of course, other than the fact that the IRS inappropriately targeted conservative sounding groups for investigation of their request for tax exempt status, an investigation that the groups themselves requested, she has nothing but anecdotal blather from right wing sources.  Her most recent column is largely filled with the unsupported allegations from an attorney representing a conservative who has sued the IRS.

So RIP intelligent, semi-objective Ms. Noonan.  And thanks for warning us that ultra radical Ms. Noonan has now taken over the body.  And we are sorry we cannot attend your coming out party that the editors of the WSJ will be throwing for you.  We would like to be there but so far our invitation has not arrived in the mail.

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