Thursday, May 9, 2013

Republicans Send Former South Carolina Governor and Admitted Liar Mark Sanford to Congress

A True Poster Boy for Today's Republican Party

Unlike the giddy professional pundits this Forum never did think that a Democrat had a chance to defeat a Republican in South Carolina’s heavily Republican first district.  There are just too many voters in the south who will vote Republican regardless of the quality of the candidate.  And ‘quality’ is not a term that is associated with the winner, Mark Sanford.

Mark Sanford -- Why Are All These Women Smiling - Because They Are Not Married to Him

The seat opened up when Republicans used their Affirmative Action program, the one they all hate, to appoint an African American to an open Senate seat.  Mr. Sanford is a former Governor whose only claim to fame is that he persistently lied to the voters, the public and his family about his personal life.  He cheated on his marriage, used state resources to cover it up and then said he should be elected to Congress because he was 'sorry'.  He won the seat convincingly.

Democrats should not be disappointed.  They surely would have given back the seat in 2014 even if they had prevailed.  And now once again the country has been taught a lesson about Republicans, that the party that espouses ‘family values’ just doesn’t believe in them.  Of course, that lesson has not been learned in the past, and probably won’t be learned for many years to come.  But with the election of Mark Sanford to Congress once again the lesson is out there in case the country wants to learn it.

The election will not change anything in Washington.  The man Mr. Sanford replaces was an extreme right wing conservative, and Mr. Sanford will be one also, although maybe, just maybe he won't invoke 'family values' as much as he might have before his perfidy was exposed.

Mr. Sandford did invoke religion in his win, religion not patriotism being the last refuge of scoundrels,


Quote of the Day

"I want to acknowledge a God not just of second chances. But a God of third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth chances because that is the reality of our shared humanity."

-- Rep.-elect Mark Sanford (R-SC), quoted by The State, in his special election victory speech last night.


Unlike Republicans this Forum does not have a direct link to God, but we do think that God, like the rest of us is pretty disgusted about all this.  Not His/Her fault though, it's the voters of South Carolina.

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