Tuesday, May 28, 2013

American Air Carriers Fall Behind in Competition to Provide Even Worse Service

Somehow We Think They Will Catch Up

Flying in the United States is a chore, a loathsome experience that almost everyone does only because they have to do it.  And of course baggage, if checked, has an even worse ride.  A lot of times it ends up at a different place than its owners.

Couple flown to wrong continent after airline error
The couple had hoped to land in Dakar, on the Senegalese coast (left), but instead they ended up in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka Photo: AP/ Alamy

Only 7,000 miles apart, and they look so much alike it is easy to make that mistake

Now a Turkish Airline has decided to up the game, and instead of losing baggage and sending it to the wrong airport, it loses passengers and sends them to the wrong airport.

Sandy Valdiviseo and her husband Triet Vo were intending to fly from Los Angeles to Dakar in Senegal with Turkish Airlines. However, instead they ended up almost 7,000 miles away – on an entirely different continent – in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, after the airport codes were mixed up, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The couple has been offered compensation

"We are very, very sorry that this happened," a Turkish Airlines spokeswoman said. The couple have since been offered two free economy-class tickets to anywhere on the airline’s flight network.

And the airline added that yes they can go anywhere they want to that we fly to, but just because they want to go to a place doesn’t mean we will take them there. They have to take their chances, just like any other airline passenger.

A spokesperson for U. S. based airlines said that while the U. S. carriers were behind in the race to send passengers to the wrong airport, “we are dedicated to becoming the leader in losing passengers and sending them some place other than what their ticket says.  And if it is our fault, we will charge them only the coach fare, not the first class rate to get them back to where they were supposed to be, assuming we can do that.”

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