Thursday, May 23, 2013

Can It Get Any Worse for Democrats or the Rest of Us – John Edwards is Getting Back Into the Public Eye

He Is Speaking to a Group – But Why Would Anybody Want to be in the Same Room with the Man?

The good guys and gals all seem to leave the stage much too early.  The disgusting ones all seem to want to stick around.  Newt Gingrich won’t go, Rick Santorum is hovering in the wings looking for the right spot to spew prejudice and Michele Bachmann is starting her re-election campaign, because when you are as bad an office holder as she is, you cannot start a campaign for re-election too soon.

Now it turns out John Edwards, former VP nominee, former Presidential candidate and all around awful person is coming out from wherever he has been hiding and entering the public arena.

RALEIGH, N.C. — Former presidential contender John Edwards has reactivated his license to practice law and is setting out on the speaking circuit.

The two-time presidential candidate and former North Carolina senator is scheduled to appear June 6 at a private retreat in Orlando, Fla., for lawyer clients of the marketing firm PMP.

But there is this rare bit of good news, good news being in short supply these days.

Messages left at PMP seeking comment about the firm’s booking of Edwards received no response. A woman who answered the phone said the June event would be closed to the media.

Please PMP, please, keep it closed.  Don't make us even know that what Mr. Edwards said is out there.

Gosh, Mr. Edwards was a noted trial lawyer.  One imagines that now in Court he would start the trial with something like this.

“John Edwards for the plaintiff, members of the jury please try not to throw up.”

Yeah, we can see that speech happening.

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