Monday, May 6, 2013

The Inevitable Results of Failed Austerity Policy in Europe – The Rise of Far Right Ultra Nationalist Parties

Uh Last Century This Did Not Turn Out Well

Politics and economics are intertwined, and change in one area have a huge impact on the other area.  If economic policy results in deprivation, particularly for the lower income working class those individuals will turn to extremists.  In Europe in the 20th century this meant the rise of Fascism, and World War II.

These expected results are playing out in Greece, where an ultra nationalist party is stoking fear and hatred to gain power.  And now it is happening in Britain, where the UKIP Party (really the KKK but in a much more refined mode, this is Britain after all) made a major showing in the local elections just held in that country.

Ukip, the populist anti-EU party, has sent tremors through Britain’s political establishment, winning seats on councils across the country and picking up 23 per cent of the vote.

With 32 of 34 councils declared, the UK Independence party had added 136 seats taking votes from all parties and securing a foothold in local government in areas where it had previously been almost non-existent.

To call UKIP populist is a mistake.  These are men and women who are anti-immigrant and anti-Europe, and who want to preserve Britain for the Anglo-Saxon people and send the rest of the populace packing.  They would pursue a policy of class hatred and an economic policy of reducing and maybe eliminating any government benefits for low income families.  They hate everybody who are not themselves.

These people prosper in bad economic times, and they greatly prosper when those bad times are not alleviated by government (and in this case are exacerbated by government).  The call will be for the ruling Conservative party in Britain to move rightward. 

No good can come of this, and charity and tolerance in Britain may well be a casualty of the egregiously wrong economic policy of the Conservatives and their Chancellor George Osborne. In Europe France is becoming more and more of a risk, smaller countries like Slovenia are beginning to be troublesome, Greece is defining economic success as the depression there slowing down and now Britain could become a political basket case.  Europe ain't fixed, it's getting more broken every day.

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