Friday, May 17, 2013

Memo To Republicans: Please, Please Try to Impeach President Obama over the Libya and IRS Issues

It May Be the Only Way to Save Democrats

The basic ineptitude of Democrats in general is widely known.  The party could have major victories in 2014 as the electorate has had it with Republicans in states like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and the like.  As for the Congress, well the independents are thoroughly disgusted.

But the Democratic Party is broken, it is disheveled, it is unorganized and it lack basic management skills to take advantage of the situation.  The President seems curiously unengaged in politics and is looking incompetent in  his main job, governing.  So Republicans will probably win the Senate and hold the House, along with some key Governorships in 2014 due to abdication by the Democrats. 

What can save them?  Just about the only thing on the horizon is Republican over-reaction and over-reaching.  So now that there is talk about impeachment of Mr. Obama by the Conservative radicals (just about all Republicans) Democrats have a ray of hope.

George Will joined the chorus talking about the prospect of impeachment for President Barack Obama after last week’s admission from the Internal Revenue Service that it had targeted groups with the phrases “tea party” or “patriot” in their tax-exempt applications for extra audits.

Oh wow, let it be, please let it be.

And look at this gift from Mr. Will, one that inspires the response of hysterical laughter.

Dumb and Dumber in One Person

George Will on IRS Tea Party attacks: 

‘How stupid do they think we are?’

We don’t know George, what are the limits here?

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