Monday, May 13, 2013

On the Libya Controversy It’s Much Ado About Hilary

No Coverup – These People Are Not Smart Enough to Even Attempt One

Regardless of how one feels about the policies of the Obama Administration, no one no matter how big a fan is going to accuse these folks of being competent in the administration of government.  The last four and half years are littered with the inept attempts to manage energy, invest in solar energy companies, use leverage to obtain policy concessions or even state a coherent policy on entitlements and debt.  The health care reform is about as great a debacle as can be imagined, and is only a plus because the U. S. health care system is so bad that almost any change is beneficial.  And don’t get us started on the IRS targeting conservative political groups.

Actual Government Managers
Planning the Libya Response

Now the Republicans are making a big deal out of what the administration said or did not say after the tragedy in Libya last all where American, including a diplomat were killed.  That Republicans see this as a political plus says all that is needed to say about Republicans.  But to say there is a cover-up is ridiculous.  All this is really just a few shots at Hillary Clinton, who was Secretary of State at the time of all this.

Why no cover-up?  Because there was nothing to cover up.  No crimes, no malfeasance, no embarrassing sexual escapades.  Just a failure to provide adequate security at an embassy and a failure to communicate. 

But with the Boston Marathon horror receding from memory the news media needs something, and so a false scandal will do until the next thing comes along.  That may be the IRS issue, because that is something that is at least comprehensible to most Americans, and the failure of the President to get mad, fire a bunch of people and show he knows how to actually operate the levers of government will just contribute to the mess.

Nice going Democrats, your incompetence is about the only thing that will allow Republicans to win contested elections.  

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