Monday, May 27, 2013

Blame the Victim in the Trayvon Martin Case Is Now Fully Underway

And Lawyers Wonder Why They Are Compared Unfavorably to Weasels

And the Weasels Aren't Real Happy About It Either

After being away from the news for many months, as well it should have been, the Trayvon Martin death and the trial of his killer, George Zimmerman are now back in the news.  Pre-trial stuff is under way, and the defense has a great strategy, in addition to actual assassination (accidental or not), Trayvon Martin is now to be subject to character assassination.

Defense attorneys want to show a jury text messages and unsavory photos of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen slain in one of the nation's most sensational and race-sensitive killings.

As far as judging the guilt or innocence of Mr. Zimmerman, this Forum is more than willing to wait for the trial and the prosecution’s case, and it is possible this will turn out to have been a tragic accident and not a pre-meditated killing.  But as far as the guilt of Mr. Zimmerman’s lawyers in engaging in atrocious, irrelevant and offensive tactics, well everyone is ready to judge them guilty right now.  Consider this.

The defense team posted the new evidence online along with a number of other materials. The photos of Trayvon include his student identification card for Dr. Michael M. Krop High School and pictures of him wearing what appears to be gold teeth.

Other photos show him with his middle fingers up at the camera, standing in between two other young men. Still other photos show Trayvon in more innocuous settings, such as one that shows him standing in an embrace with his older brother. Another shows him horseback riding.

Other photos, which the O'Mara said came from Trayvon's phone, show a hand holding a gun as well as what appears to be a marijuana plant. The defense's potential evidence also shows Stephen Martin, Witness 25, Trayvon's cousin, posing with his shirt off and with what looks like a wrestling title belt.

Wow, gold teeth, and a hand holding a gun in a picture on his cell phone.  And his cousin has his shirt off and a wrestliing title belt!    Since all of this is completely and totally and absolutely irrelevant one assumes that the judge will toss all of this out, and not allow any of this garbage to go before a jury.  There mere fact that Mr. Zimmerman’s attorneys are going this route is another tragedy for the Martin family, a huge black mark on the legal profession, and just another reminder that the legal community needs to better police itself.  Legal ethics should not be an oxymoron, but it is for these attorneys. 

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