Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Bank of England Head Wants Everyone to Stop “Demonizing” Bankers

Apparently Not Their Fault the System is Rotten

One thing everyone knows from the last election in the U. S. is that the Wall Street crowd, bankers and hedge fund managers and the like have a pretty thin skin.  They regard any criticism of themselves for the recent and current financial sector scandals by anyone as totally outlandish. After all they were not responsible for the near fatal crash of the financial system, the "system" was responsible.  And so despite the tremendous financial success they experienced under President Obama, they deserted his campaign and spent millions trying to defeat him. 

Apparently this same attitude rules the day in England, where the head of the Bank of England went on a major whine to protest people who blame bankers for the failure of the banking system.

In a valedictory interview he said: “Don’t demonise individuals here. This wasn’t a problem of individuals, this was a problem of failure of a system. 

Now we admit to being confused here.  Isn’t something like a banking system made up of and controlled by, well, bankers?  And aren't these bankers individuals?  Apparently not, apparently the “system” exists independent of any individuals, sort of like a cyborg or something out of a zombie movie.

But everyone should feel badly that the bankers have hurt feelings, and everyone should only hope that the millions and millions they have taken in compensation and the millions and millions they will take in future compensation is enough to offset their pain.

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