Sunday, May 26, 2013

Unexpected Great News From the Boy Scout Decision to Allow Gay Members

Now All the Scouts Need to Do is Get Rid of the Rest of Their Discrimination

The Boy Scouts of America made news recently by deciding to withdraw the ban on gay young men joining the organization.  Although why gay young men would want to join an organization that still harbors anti-gay prejudice in the form of not allowing gay men and women to be leaders in the organization, at least if they want to join they can.

And the good news for Scouting just keeps on coming.  As a result of the lifting of the ban it looks like a number of folks who retain their prejudices are going to leave the Boy Scouts.

The Rev. John De Celles at St. Raymond of Penafort Catholic Church in Springfield had told congregants in a recent newsletter that the policy change “would be a statement that ‘gay is okay’ ” and that the parish by September would work to create a new scouting group “that will defend Christian values.” But De Celles did not return phone messages Friday, nor did staff at the Immanuel Bible Church — also in Springfield — where a parent active in Scouting said it was likely the program would shut down at the end of 2013, before the new policy kicks in Jan. 1.

. . .

Several conservative religious denominations, including the Assemblies of God and the Southern Baptist Convention, have already formed their own Scouts-like organizations. The most visible movement against lifting the ban was a national group called On My Honor, whose leadership said it would hold a meeting next month in Louisville “with other likeminded organizations, parents and [Boy Scouts of America] members” to create an alternate group.

Well first of all this is news that the Boy Scouts are a Christian organization, we always thought they were non-sectarian.  But anyone who doesn’t see equality as a virtue that Boy Scouts should have is not only welcome to leave but they will also be doing a service to the Boy Scouts by leaving.

As for the members of the gay community, even though the Scouts will retain some of their anti-gay policies, they are going to pitch in and help despite the ban on gay adult leaders.

Gay advocates said they would now turn to helping the Scouts.

“Pro-equality groups are planning to encourage youth, including gay youth, to join and participate in the Boy Scouts. As they demonstrate their dedication to the program, hopefully it can change the culture of the organization from the inside,” said Ross Murray, a spokesman for GLAAD. “I will say, however, the ban on gay adult leaders is still a major barrier for many families and organizations.”

Hm, wonder which of the two groups most exemplifies the values of the Boy Scout program, the religious and morally rightous who want to exclude people they don’t like from Scouting, or the gay community which will pitch in and help despite the remaining discrimination from the Scouts?

Not a hard question, is it?

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