Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Never to Be Answered Question About the Universe – No It is Not ‘Is There Life on Other Planets?’

The Question is About NASA

Assume you were a rational, somewhat intelligent person.  Ok, you are.  Now assume you want to list the priorities of government.  If you are a person of importance at NASA here is what you might say.

“A human mission to Mars is a priority, and our entire exploration program is aligned to support this goal,” said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.
                          NASA has “overcome the technical challenges of landing and operating spacecraft on Mars” robotically, Bolden said. “We’re developing today the technologies needed to send humans to Mars in the 2030s.”

Why, why, why, why?  No, not why would anyone suggest spending as much as a single dollar on sending men and women to Mars.  The why here is why would anybody this ignorant, this clueless, this lacking in fundamental common sense suggest that sending humans to Mars should even be considered.  Apparently this is not a joke

NASA says it hopes to land astronauts on the planet within the next two decades, and the agency is developing a heavy-lift rocket and a new space capsule to achieve this goal. It has even established an optimal time frame for this event — in the early 2030s, when the very different orbits of the two planets brings them closest to each other.

and apparently the U. S. government is spending actual money on this project, real money, not the money of the Klingons.

The next space exploration should be to see if there is intelligent life at NASA. Based on preliminary results, we don’t think so.

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