Friday, April 19, 2013

Texas Gov. Perry Suspected Mexicans Were Involved in Killings in Texas of Law Enforcement Officials

It Was Good Politics – and It Appears It Was Wrong

After two law enforcement officials and the wife of one of them was killed in a Texas county, the lame Governor, Rick Perry suggested that maybe Mexican drug cartel members had done this.  That position was a nice on politically, as it put the blame on weak border enforcement and on Hispanics.  The only, problem, it now turns out that he was probably wrong.

The wife of a disgraced justice of the peace has been arrested and charged with the murders of the Kaufman County district attorney, his wife, and another prosecutor, and has told investigators that her husband was the one who shot them.

Her confession was contained in an affidavit filed with the arrest warrant, which said the woman, Kim Lene Williams, 46, had confessed in an interview with investigators on Tuesday. She described in detail her own role and that of her husband, Eric Lyle Williams.

Assuming the case holds up, and there is that confession, a decent and honorable person who was Governor would admit he was wrong.  But don’t expect Gov. Perry to do the decent and honorable thing.  He hasn’t done anything like that yet in his years of Governor, why change now.

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