Wednesday, April 17, 2013

TV Networks Start Their Push to Make Fla. Senator Marco Rubio a Republican Star

Media Bias That Conservatives Hate is Almost Always in Their Favor

Immigration reform, which may actually make it very difficult for young immigrants brought to this country by their parents illegally to have legal status, is currently entering the front burner of Senate debate.  A gang of eight Senators have tried to fashion a compromise.  And the media has latched onto Florida ultra conservative Senator Marco Rubio to be the face of the debate.

The impending introduction of legislation to overhaul the country’s badly strained immigration system received an extraordinary endorsement on Sunday from Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, who, after holding back for weeks, appeared on no fewer than seven television talk shows to explain and defend a plan that he said would be “a net positive for the country, now and in the future.”

Notice that no Democrats are featured here, but the a junior Senator is given air time on seven Sunday shows.

The reason for this is simple.  The media has decided that Sen. Rubio, a Cuban Hispanic, will make a good Republican leader, and so they are boosting him with a bunch of free publicity.  Democrats, well the media doesn’t like any of them.

So yes Conservatives, there is a media  bias.  And Conservatives know that it is in their favor.  Which is why they try to say it is not, they don’t want anyone to catch on.

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