Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tiger Woods and August National Embarrass Themselves Even More Than They Have Done in the Past

Something Everyone Thought Was Impossible

On Friday at the Master’s golf tournament Tiger Woods cheated.  He admits he cheated, in fact, in a clear statement he described how he cheated.  He was either deliberately violating the rules, or incredible as it may sound, he was ignorant of the rules.  The penalty should have been disqualification.

The rules officials at the Masters could have and should have stepped in to disqualify him.  That was the  penalty imposed when a person does not report their score correctly.  But they didn’t, coming up with a set of convoluted excuses.  Why?  Because Tiger Woods is a draw, he is a reason people watch the tournament and basically he got a break no one else would have or should have been given.

And oh yes, the Rule peoples at Augusta did penalize a 14 year old for slow play, a ruling supported by Mr. Woods who said 'Rules are Rules', which they are except for himself.

The honorable and decent thing would have been for Tiger to withdraw.  But as has been shown in the past, Mr. Woods is not a decent and honorable person.  For him, his personal life has no principles and in golf he only cares about winning, no matter how.  As for the Augusta National, this is a group that has a long history of discriminating against African Americans and women.  What exactly do they know about honor in sports and competition?

So if Mr. Woods win the tournament the headline should state,

Tiger Woods Cheats His Way to a Victory in the
Master's Golf Tournament

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