Thursday, April 11, 2013

Former and Probably Future Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum Says Americans Are Too Stupid to Understand Implications of Gay Marriage

Duh, Gosh, We Just a Bunch of Idiots, Please Rick Help Us, Or Better Yet Think for Us

Like an unemployed relative who came for a visit and now will not leave, the American public gets to endure Republican Rick Santorum for the next several years while he makes up his mind on whether or not to run for President, again.  Mr. Santorum is the personification of the opposition to equal right for gay and lesbian couples.  This makes him very attractive to the Republican base.

Rick Santorum is shown. | AP Photo
Mr. Santorum indicating the number of gay and lesbian people he thinks should be in a relationship

And now it turns out that Mr. Santorum doesn’t think very highly of the American public.

Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator, also said that Americans haven’t carefully thought out what legalizing same-sex marriage would mean for the country. “[It] is not a well thought-out position by the American public,” Santorum said.

Well gee golly Rick, thanks for setting us straight – pun intended.

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