Saturday, April 27, 2013

Here is Picture of the Great Success of European Economic Policy in Greece

This is What Policy Leaders Claim to be Success

Thanks to Tyler Cowen we have this montage of billboards in Greece.  The following picture from the collection says it all.  Nice going European leaders

Empty billboards in Greece

They can still be found all around Greece, along the highways and inside the city centers. Today though, many advertisement billboards have stopped carrying messages.

As turnover in retail trade has dropped by 54.6% since 2009, the advertising companies that own the billboards have suffered greatly from the economic crisis, as those advertised, in their attempt to reduce operational costs, have slashed their advertising expenses.

Worn by time and assaulted by bad weather, the message the billboards carry today, is the absence of message.


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  1. Indeed this is a loud message about the progress of the attempted healing of the Greek economy. Isn't time maybe to try another prescription because this just let the patient unconscious...? I am wondering...