Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In Louisiana Voters May Be Catching On to the Bobby Jindal Act – Even Supporters May No Longer Be Fooled

And In a State That Hates the President, Mr. Obama is Polling Higher Than Gov. Jindal

Now that he is safely re-elected, radical conservative Republican Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is exposing some of his true beliefs.  But the citizens of that state aren’t buying what they just bought a couple of months ago.

Why So Glum??

The Republican governor’s job approval has sunk 13 percentage points, from 51 percent to 38 percent, since last October.

What’s the problem?  Is it that like almost all politicians in that state, regardless of party or political philosophy Mr. Jindal has been determined to be a crook?  No, that’s not it, and this Forum admires Mr. Jindal for his honesty.  For that’s about all anyone admires him for.

Nearly two thirds, 63 percent, opposed the governor’s tax swap proposal, which eliminates state income taxes but increases sales taxes, while only 27 percent supported the plan. A larger majority, 75 percent, were even more dissatisfied with public health care, saying they found little or no progress in the state’s system.

Oh, and what was Mr. Jindal’s major expertise before becoming Governor?  Health care.  As for how bad it is for Mr. Jindal, it turns out Mr. Obama is better liked than the Republican radical.

While President Barack Obama doesn’t exactly earn the love of the majority of the voters, he still came out with a 43 percent job approval rating, putting him five percentage points ahead of the governor. Louisiana is a red state Obama lost in the 2012 elections by more than 17 points.

Now if there was just a functioning Democratic party in the state . . .

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