Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An Ugly, Bigoted Justice Scalia Doesn’t Even Bother to Hide His Bitter Prejudices

An Unimpeachable Example of Why Conservatives Should Not Be on the Supreme Court

The nuances of statements and opinions of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia that illustrate his overt hostility to minorities have always been present.  But now the Justice has pretty much given up all pretense of objectivity and judicial demeanor.  His openly racist views are now out there for every one to see.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told university students that key provisions of the Voting Rights Act had evolved from an emergency response to racial discrimination in 1965 to an "embedded" form of "racial preferment" that would likely continue indefinitely unless the court acts to end them.

The racial preferment that the Justice is talking about of course is providing minorities with the actual right to vote, a right they have on paper but which for decades was denied to them.  This right continues to be abridged, with longer lines in minority districts, and conservative lawmakers making it harder and harder for minority voters to cast a vote.  Conservatives are at the forefront of this action for the simple reason that most minorities don’t vote the way Conservatives want them to. 

The Justice’s blindness and ignorance is also shown in his analysis of history.

The justice suggested it was unfair to require his formerly segregated home state, Virginia, to obtain clearance for voting changes while other states don't have to take such a step. He noted that Virginia has elected a black governor—Douglas Wilder, a Democrat who served from 1990 to 1994—while most states exempt from Section 5 haven't.

Of course, other states did not keep African Americans from voting, or shut down a school system rather than integrate. 

As for Mr. Scalia’s attitude towards equal rights, there is this.

"I don't consider homosexuality a new phenomenon," Justice Scalia replied. It was known when the 14th Amendment, which provides for equal protection of the laws, was ratified in 1868, he said, and was considered a crime in most places.

Justice Scalia long has resisted claims that the Constitution prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, and dissented from a 2003 decision striking down sodomy laws that criminalized gay sex.

The concept of equal protection applies to everyone of course, but Justice Scalia would apply the concept only to people whom Justice Scalia approves of.

Oh, and how about this wonderful thought.

Section 5 functions as a racial entitlement because the federal government doesn't take a similar interest in protecting the voting rights of white people from racial discrimination, Justice Scalia said.

Yep, all those poor, disenfranchised white people who have borne history’s brunt of racial discrimination in the U. S. for lo these many years.  Who is there to protect them, if not Justice Scalia.

And yes, this is the man that Conservatives lionize. 

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