Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Conservatives, Republicans Quiet as Oklahoma Majority Leader Utters Anti-Semitic Slur

Just Another Day at Work for These People

Republicans often wonder why they fail to get respect in the legislative process from anyone except their die hard supporters.  The reasons are many, but one of them is certainly the lack of respect they give to anyone else.

In Oklahoma the Republican Majority Leader in the state legislature just talked business as usual in a debate.

Oklahoma State and Republican Majority Leader Dennis Johnson took to the floor this week to share his experience as a small business man and discussed how some people will try to “Jew down the price” of goods. In the background, legislators are seen laughing 

But of course the man later apologized, in this wonderfully condescending manner.

there are clearly some who object because Johnson then adds “I apologize to the Jews. They are good small businessmen as well.”

And here is a picture of the offending legislator with two of his closest friends.

ku klux klan photo: ku klux klan 0050_ku_klux_klan_03.jpg

Mr. Johnson also says this,

In his campaign for reelection, Johnson proclaims that “as a successful husband, father, businessman, civic leader and church leader, Dennis has brought and will continue to bring integrity and common sense to the House of Representatives.”

And no, we don’t know which church he is a leader in, but we definitely know which religion he is not a leader in.  And maybe he wants to re-think that 'integrity' thing.  Last we heard religious prejudice, bigotry and the like were not really in the dictionary under 'integrity'. But maybe they are in the Conservative version.

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