Saturday, April 20, 2013

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham Wants to Deny American Citizen in Marathon Bombing His Basic Rights

Why do Conservatives Hate the U. S. and the Constitution?

[Update:  The President apparently has joined others in deciding that  basic rights are not really basic.  Mr. Obama will not be remembered as the defender of the Constitution.  No, we don't know why he does what he does in this area.]

One thing about Conservatives is that they can almost always be counted on to abandon their principles and want to do the wrong thing.  South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham wants to deny the Boston Marathon suspect now in custody his Miranda rights.

Now exactly why Sen. Graham takes this position is unclear.  It may be the he thinks he has to appeal to the extreme elements in his party in order to get re-elected.  But more likely is that like almost all Conservatives he really doesn’t believe in many of the rights granted U. S. residents in that document.  Sen. Graham is a prominent member of the group that wants to go to war against totalitarian regimes in the Middle East.  But it turns out he has a lot in common with those who would deny the full benefits of democracy to citizens.

The test of the ability of the government to observe and protect the basic rights of citizens is when denying those rights is popular and there is great value to maybe denying those rights.  But basic rights are worthless if they are suspended when it is convenient.  And Conservatives always seem to lead the charge to destroy those rights.  So whose side are they really on?

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